Product: Pecaform
Product description: Pecaform™ is a flexible and versatile form-working material perfect for those radius specifications that don’t comply with standard form products. The strength and flexibility of Pecaform makes it the natural choice for a myriad of applications including ground beams, footings and bases, pile caps, construction joints (stop ends), special shapes or curves, void formation, ribbed and waffle slabs, penetrations, recesses, temporary fencing and safety screens.


  • Pecaform™ is sacrificial. You can just set and forget!
  • Supplied in sheets; featuring flat-sheet wire mesh and a heat-shrunk layer of polyethylene on each side.
  • Strong, yet lightweight.
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to install; doesn’t require heavy lifting or tools to construct.
  • Can be site-fabricated as required, or pre-formed prior to delivery


Product Code Description Pack Qty
111659 Pecaform Sheet 600 x 2250mm 200
110403 Pecaform Sheet 900 x 2250mm 100
103659 Pecaform Sheet 1200 x 2250mm 100
103660 Pecaform Sheet 1500 x 2250mm 100
107485 Pecaform Sheet 1800 x 2250mm 100