Aspro Spacer

Product: Aspro Spacer
Product description: Cast concrete Aspro spacers ensure that the specified concrete cover to the reinforcement for structures and structural elements is achieved, both before and during concreting. Aspros spacers are mainly used for the walls, columns and foundations.


  • Cover 30-100mm
  • Conform to the requirements of AS/NZS2425
  • 60+mpa strength
  • Available in circle or square cross section with galvanised tie wire
  • Excellent bond with concrete, no hairline cracks between the spacer and concrete



Product CodeDescriptionBag Qty/Pcs
109377Concrete Spacer Aspro 30mm with Gal Tie Wire250
107884Concrete Spacer Aspro 35mm with Gal Tie Wire250
107383Concrete Spacer Aspro 40mm with Gal Tie Wire150
111690Concrete Spacer Aspro 45mm with Gal Tie Wire125
105796Concrete Spacer Aspro 50mm with Gal Tie Wire85
107585Concrete Spacer Aspro 55mm with Gal Tie Wire60
107867Concrete Spacer Aspro 60mm with Gal Tie Wire50
107807Concrete Spacer Aspro 65mm with Gal Tie Wire40
107333Concrete Spacer Aspro 70mm with Gal Tie Wire30
107848Concrete Spacer Aspro 75mm with Gal Tie Wire25
108594Concrete Spacer Aspro 80mm with Gal Tie Wire20
111691Concrete Spacer Aspro 85mm with Gal Tie Wire20
111015Concrete Spacer Aspro 90mm with Gal Tie Wire15
111693Concrete Spacer Aspro 95mm with Gal Tie Wire15
111664Concrete Spacer Aspro 100mm with Gal Tie Wire10